Setting Default Game and Games You Play

Created by: Adam G Wright

Setting Your Default Game

Users can now select their primary game on the edit profile page and you can change it any time.

It sets the default for games search, group search, and new game creation to whatever game you have chosen. 

You can change this to whatever game you are currently primarily playing. If at any time you are going to be playing another game for a while, you can change it as often as you want.

There should be no need for you to ever login to both and, you can just change your primary game.  

Setting Games You Play

Users can now add the games they play on the edit profile page and you can add or remove games at any time.

This is used for primarily for notifications. Groups now send notifications for all games they have listed in the group "games we play" area by default.

You as user can edit your profile and change this to only receive notifications for games you've added to your "games I play" list.

This feature is in progress and should be displayed on profile view and integrate it more


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