What is Karma and How do I give it?

Created by: Adam G Wright

What is Karma?

  • Karma is basically a measure of how awesome you are.
  • If you find another player especially friendly or helpful, click the star button on their profile to award them a karma point.
  • Karma can only be give once per person, so if you see someone with 10 karma points, that means 10 different people thought they were awesome.

How do I give Karma?

  • You can give someone Karma by clicking the give karma button on their profile. You can only give a person Karma once.
  • There is a time and activity threshold before you can give Karma. You need to have used the site for a week or two, and created or joined an "average" number of sessions in that time to increase your activity score. The exact details of the requirements for being able to give karma are kept unspecified to prevent abuse of the Karma system.


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